Hello hello everyone!
Welcome to The Button Show! I am your host Burton and today
we will be meeting with some of the most famous buttons!

Firstly, I would like to welcome Sherlock Bolmes to the stage!

Good day! I am Sherlock Bolmes. I was ripped away by
a pickpocket as they tried to steal Holme's wallet.
Good thing the pickpocket was caught.

Please welcome, Queen Bictoria!

Hello, I’m Queen Bictoria. I was taken away
from the majesty’s favourite coat because one of her corgis
bit me right off. If you look close enough there’s some bite
marks oh and I can still smell the breath of that dam corgi!

Put your hands together for the legendary Michael Backson!

Hi you can call be MB. Stands for Michael Backson.
When Jackson was dancing to his legendary song Dangerous at
Munich, I fell off his suit because of his powerful dancing.

Welcome the apple mathmatician, Isaac Bewton!

I’m Isaac Bewton. I was a loose button for a while on
Isaac Newtons shirt. But that day the apple fell from the tree,
he rose straight up yelling aha! That’s when Newton found the
law of gravity and lost me.

Ahoy to Captain Jack Barrow!

Ahoy there! This is your Captain Jack Barrow! I was lost on
the day Sparrow was seeking the heart of Davy Jones. Sigh, what
an adventure that was.

How lucky we are to have Winne the Booh!

Hello everyone. I was lost when Pooh had ate too much honey
at once. His belly got too fat which made me pop out from his

Abacadabra! And here he is, Harry Botter!

I was lost during Harry Potters first flying lesson. I’m glad
I fell off near the start of that, feels bad for the other buttons.
They probably all got air sick.

Mamma Mia! That was a lot of buttons!
This is our lucky last! Lets go! Bario!

Mario always loses his buttons from all the
countless bowser fights, kart riding, fighting and
gun shooting and many many more. Out of all of those,
I was lost when going against bowser.
Well that's all folks!
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Thanks for tuning in, and until next time,
Good bye!